Technics SP-10 MK2 Bearing

I did some work on the bearing of mine last night.

I don’t believe that the motor on mine has ever been open, as the glue holding the rubber covers over the two screws of the retaining tab look original, and after I bought it I was told it had been in the studio it was pulled out of its entire life.

The shaft was nicely oiled save the oil at the bottom by the thrust bearing which had turned in to a light grease. Shaft wear to looks to be minimal.

Now, I noticed a few things…

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Technics SP-10 MK2 Brake Solenoid

For now, I’ve decided to do some simple fixes for the rubber bumpers on the brake solenoid.

I discovered that some rubber grommets I had were of the right O.D., and very nearly the correct I.D.  I cut the center piece out and tried to neatly trim it to the correct thickness.  For the other piece, I cut a rectangular piece of 3/16″ polyurethane, 20a durometer, I had laying around.


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